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We believe in honoring our commitments and doing business with the highest ethical standards. - We strive for continuous quality improvement in all our services through promoting and implementing innovative ideas and solutions -We have passion for what we do and promote a positive, energetic and optimistic environment . -We are dedicated to investing in technology and employee training to keep us at the forefront of best practices.

To provide the local and global market with high quality standard.We strive to develop innovations and solutions to satisfy customer needs, provide employees with meaningful work and advanced opportunities and investors with constant growth.

Palvon Enterprises Limited is a private registered company based in Nairobi with keen interest in the following areas. Real Estate, Property Management, Food processing & Packaging, Financial Consultancy, Civil & Mechanical Engineering. Our company comprises experts in the above services therefore we assure you that we offer the best services, try us and you will never regret.Through years of uncompromising quality , value and timely results, Palvon Enterprises has earned an international reputation of providing clients with a one stop shop for all your requirements.Our talented team of employees is dedicated to the company's fundamental values of quality, innovation and belief that our services lie far beyond. We excel in understanding your business needs, developing solutions that exceed your expectations.

Real Estate & Management

Air Conditioner & Mechanical Ventilation